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Helen wanted to have great looking arms for her wedding and honeymoon. She worked with Carol to get what she wanted!

Just look at those beautiful bare arms!

Congratulations, Helen!

Regarding Carol Mulcahy - Trainer Extraordinaire:

"In 2009, I was diagnosed as being diabetic with a Hemoglogin A1C of 6.2%. (Normal is less than 6.0%.) I did NOT want to allow that to happen to my body and I did not want to have to take pills or shots. My doctor said, "Increase exercise and eat right." I was already eating well and working out some. I added one additional cardio workout per week with Carol and by Feb of 2011, my bloodwork showed that I am no longer diabetic! My other lab values are also greatly improved. I am a believer! Please see the graph at the right that shows my actual lab results over the course of 1.5 years.

Choose Carol for Fitness and good health! It works!"

- No Longer Diabetic



“I have been working out with Carol regularly for the past four years.  I had tried a number of different trainers before meeting Carol, but they really did not understand my needs or interests in working out.  They really were too young and focused on weight training or bodybuilding, etc. I was looking for a regular workout that I could accomplish and feel good about myself.  Carol is the best!!!  Our time together flies by and I feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end of our sessions.  I have never liked working out before, but I look forward to my time with Carol.”  - Suzanne Mason


"I love working out with Carol Mulcahy. I don't have to maintain membership in a gym. She brings all the equipment that we need to my house. It's like working out with a friend who never cancels!"   - Emma Barclay


“My husband and I were fortunate enough to choose Carol for our personal trainer last year. She worked diligently with us, helping us to get into the groove of exercising regularly. Not only have we seen the results in our strength and stamina, we both lost weight over the last couple of months primarily due to Carol’s kind urging and good advice. Our sessions and the classes taken with Carol, are such fun. She is a great conversationalist (which makes the hard workout go faster) and easily fits into one’s category of friend. I highly recommend Carol to anyone from beginner to expert as your trainer.” - Joyce Greenspan


“Since I began working out with Carol, I have lost 10 pounds (and a dress size!) and have increased my strength, endurance, and flexibility. I look and feel better. But my time with Carol is about more than just working out. I admire her energy and her values. She’s funny, kind, and keeps me motivated. I absolutely recommend her!” - Donna Skinner


“What Ms Carol has done for me is to take me from disability to going after a new job which meant I had to pass a physical fitness test.  Thinking I was in some sort of shape, I thought it would be easy to pass these tests.  I didn't and had to call in the Pro -- Carol.  She took this 47 year old and made her feel like I was at least 30 again.  Now I’m at a point in my life where exercise is a release and not a chore.  I also am going after that new job!  Thanks, Carol. You’re the best!” - Jolein (in Santa Rosa)


With Carol, the gym & trainer come to you!


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